Anti-Radiation, Security Blanket

Anti Radiation, Security Blanket

I have a confession. I’m often on my phone when nursing. If Olympia is awake, I sing to her, but when she’s off on a ‘milk coma’, and a book is not within arm’s reach, she very quickly finds herself bathed in the soft blue light of my mobile …

Radia Smart Blanket for pregnant woman and baby

More parents worry about the effects that the proliferation of mobile phones, tablets, WIFI and the other trappings of our constantly connected world are having on kids – who are having close and constant contact with all manner of “smart” contraptions at younger and younger ages. While most of the stress comes from the purportedly addictive affects of “too much screen time”, there’s also the concern that the electromagnetic radiation emitted by such devices has an unknown effect on young minds and bodies. Although studies in this area have mostly found no evidence of harm, there’s still a part of every parent that wonders whether it might be better to be safe than irradiated.

But what’s a girl to do? Short of caging your kids in a Faraday Box, there’s practically no escaping the fact that they will be completely immersed in big chunks of the non-visible spectrum simply by growing up near modern civilisation. Kristin Yu of Radiasmart, who I met last week. She created this cute non-ionising radiation shielding blanket after being unable to find any options when she wanted to take precautions to protect her unborn child. The fabric is interwoven with silver in a way that neutralizes electromagnetic waves – but it’s still also a super soft, organic cotton blanket – designed for kids and laps. A lot of parents might think that owning a shielding blanket is being too cautious given everything we currently understand about the safety of this kind of radiation. Then again, those same parents might still think twice before deciding to live next to a mobile phone tower – so who am I to judge? Sometimes, the peace of mind that comes from erring on the side of caution is worth it. Kristin gave Olympia a blanket to try out* and she seems to like her new swaddle. With her sound asleep in her own personal mobile black spot, I may just be able to enjoy my book again…

Cecylia and Baby with RS blanket