How to reduce EMF exposure for your kids?

Many parents have concern for their children using mobile phones and tablets, and spending long hours on them, what to do to reduce everyday radiation exposure for our children?

Children’s brain absorb more radiation

The current generation of children is the first to be exposed to radio frequency radiation for almost their whole lives, this sort of radiation has a cumulative effect. The risks for children seem very concerning.

Children are more vulnerable to cell phone and wireless radiation for a number of reasons. According to Lyn McLean the author of ‘The Force – Living Safely in a World of Electromagnetic Pollution’ children has thinner skulls and therefore radiation is able to penetrate deeper into their heads. As children grow their cells are often dividing; during this process they are more vulnerable to radiation. Lyn also stated in the book that some mobile phones emit signals that lie in the range of alpha and delta brainwaves, the very brain patterns that are constantly changing in children up to about 12 years old, when the alpha rhythm becomes established.

Simple Steps to Reduce Everyday Radiation

Here are some very simple adjustments we can make to significantly reduce everyday radiation exposure for your children.

  1. Always turn on Airplane mode when your children use your mobile phones or tablets, because turn on airplane mode which turns off the cellular and wireless signals.
  2. Limit your children to use mobile phone calls to emergencies , simply because their brains absorb a lot more radiation than adults.
  3. Shielding it by using Radia Smart Organic radiation shielding blanket while your children are using a laptop, computer, or tablet that is connected to WIFI.