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Protect your growing child from the risks of everyday EMF radiation with our Radia Smart Children and Teen Hat Beanie. The premium quality, baby-soft, cotton-lined beanie comes with a protective silver radiation shielding fabric. This baby hat is a convenient way to protect your child from wireless radiation. It is soft & comfortable, and is ideal to use anywhere your child goes. 

It is also super soft & comfortable. Numerous studies have shown that everyday radiation impacts how cells grow, DNA replicates, and brain cells function. Health experts believe early childhood and pregnant women are more vulnerable to cell phone and wireless radiation because their bodies and brains are still growing and developing, therefore, they absorb more wireless radiation than adults.

In addition, many studies show that a toddler's rapidly developing brain absorbs 2-10xs more radiation than an adult's brain from the same exposure.


  • ANTI RADIATION BABY HAT. Radia Smart Protective Children & Teen Hat is made from premium quality baby-soft cotton lined with a protective silver shielding fabric that blocks out wireless radiation. This makes the toddler hat a convenient way to protect your growing child from radiation.

  • EMF RADIATION SHIELD FOR TODDLERS AND TEENS. Radia Smart Hat blocks radiation from radio frequency (microwave/wireless) radiation from WIFI routers, cell towers, mobile and cordless phones with 99.9% effectiveness.  It protects your child's developing brain from the risks of everyday EMF radiation. 
  • SOFT COTTON HAT, ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Radia Smart Toddler and Teen Hat Beanie is breathable and lightly stretchable. It fits most children at the age of 4 until their teen years. 
  • PEACE OF MIND. Lessen your worries of your child's exposure to wireless radiation from cell phones, 5G, WIFI, and Bluetooth. Have the peace of mind knowing that your growing toddler is protected from the risks of wireless radiation.
  • EDGE TO EDGE PROTECTION. The shielding fabric covers edge to edge under the cotton.
  • TESTED BY AN ACCREDITED FCC LAB. Radia Smart radiation shielding fabric has been tested by an FCC accredited third party lab to verify its high effectiveness.

The Radia Smart Children & Teen Hat Beanie Shields Against: 

5g-icon.png Fifth Generation Wireless ( RF Radiation)   

celluar-icon.png Cellular Radiation (RF Radiation)   

wifi-2.png WiFi Radiation (RF Radiation)

bluetooth.png Bluetooth Radiation (RF Radiation) 

Best fortravel, child and teen protection

Material: outer layer: 100% cotton inner layer: 100% radiation shielding silver fabric
Efficiency: 99.9% Shielding Effectiveness (~50dB). Third party Lab Tested. Testing report is available on Radia Smart website.
Size: One size fits most children approximately 4 years until their teen years (circumference 48cm, 18.8")

Washing Instruction: wash in cold water, use gentle (phosphate-free detergent), don't bleach, don't dry-clean, don't tumble dry, cool iron. If washed according to these directions and kept free of mechanical and chemical stress, the fabric should retain its shielding effectiveness indefinitely.


Check out  How Shielding Works to view shielding effectiveness video and Lab Test Reports.