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Benefits of Wearing Radia Smart®

Supports long-term health

Minimizes exposure to EMF (wireless radiation), which can potentially affect our bodies and harm our DNA.

Provides relief and comfort

Our customers have reported that wearing Radia Smart® EMF protection products has notably reduced their headaches, brain fog and tinnitus.

Improved sleep quality and body recovery

Our customers have reported that it minimizes EMF exposure which reduces disturbances in the body's natural processes during sleep, leading to better rest and improved overall body recovery.

“It really seems to help me sleep better in hotels and in airplanes. Keeps your head warm, and it really does seem to help sleep better.”

Western Colorado / United States

“After trying products from three different companies in three different Countries, your RF Blocking clothing is the best. Thank you for making a good quality product.”

Diane M. / Australia

“ Perfect to go over all your clothes and extremely well made and awesome service - highly recommend”

Bindy L. / Australia

“Quality Beanie that looks great on my wife. In my experience, I felt more clarity of mind, especially in close proximity of 5G towers. Highly recommend.”

Peter D. / Australia

"I use this when I work from home all day long! Sometimes I wear it like a poncho or put it over my lap. I have to work from my laptop and cellphone all day long. Glad I have this. My husband wants to borrow it!"

Caitlin R. / Australia

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