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Benefits of Wearing Radia Smart®

Supports long-term health

Minimizes exposure to EMF (wireless radiation), which can potentially affect our bodies and harm our DNA.

Provides relief and comfort

Our customers have reported that wearing Radia Smart® EMF protection products has notably reduced their headaches, brain fog and tinnitus.

Improved sleep quality and body recovery

Our customers have reported that it minimizes EMF exposure which reduces disturbances in the body's natural processes during sleep, leading to better rest and improved overall body recovery.

“It really seems to help me sleep better in hotels and in airplanes. Keeps your head warm, and it really does seem to help sleep better.”

Western Colorado / United States

“After trying products from three different companies in three different Countries, your RF Blocking clothing is the best. Thank you for making a good quality product.”

Diane M. / Australia

“ Perfect to go over all your clothes and extremely well made and awesome service - highly recommend”

Bindy L. / Australia

“Quality Beanie that looks great on my wife. In my experience, I felt more clarity of mind, especially in close proximity of 5G towers. Highly recommend.”

Peter D. / Australia

"I use this when I work from home all day long! Sometimes I wear it like a poncho or put it over my lap. I have to work from my laptop and cellphone all day long. Glad I have this. My husband wants to borrow it!"

Caitlin R. / Australia

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Innovative EMF Protection

In our modern environment, electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation is nearly impossible to avoid. This invisible radiation comes from everyday devices like cell phones, tablets, and laptops. Radia Smart’s range of EMF protection is carefully designed to shield you and your loved ones from these radiations, ensuring peace of mind with every use.

Why Choose Radia Smart for EMF Protection Clothes?

Radia Smart stands out with its high-quality, effective EMF shield products. Each item is made from premium quality cotton, ensuring comfort for daily use. Our products are rigorously tested to provide over 90% shielding effectiveness, significantly reducing your exposure to EMF radiation. This commitment to quality helps minimise potential health risks while enhancing mental clarity and improving sleep quality. Whether you’re looking for an EMF protection blanket or pregnant belly protection, Radia Smart has you covered.

Benefits of Shopping for EMF Clothes with Radia Smart

When selecting EMF protection, Radia Smart offers convenience and trust. Here’s why we stand out:

  • High-Quality Materials: We use premium cotton in our products, ensuring our radiation protection clothing is effective and comfortable for daily wear.

  • Effective EMF Shielding: Our EMF protection clothes are tested and proven to block over 90% of EMF radiation, helping to reduce potential health risks, enhance mental clarity, and improve sleep quality.

  • Free Shipping: Get the protection you need without extra costs. Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $170 in Australia and the USA.

  • Global Reach: We ship to Australia, the USA, and the EU, making our products accessible worldwide.

  • Designed for Daily Use: Our EMF clothes, from EMF hats to accessories, integrate seamlessly into your daily life.

Explore Our Range of EMF Protection

Our extensive range includes not just EMF protection clothes but also dedicated solutions for every family member:

  • Home: Our protection blanket is ideal for everyday use at home or while travelling, while our EMF net for bed ensures your night's rest is undisturbed by radiation.

  • EMF Clothes & Accessories: From EMF beanies to ponchos, we offer stylish yet functional garments for head protection.

  • Speciality Products: We carry unique products such as belly bands and EMF-blocking clothes for kids, protecting your loved ones.

EMF Protectors for Health & Wellness

Don’t wait to protect yourself and your family from EMF radiation. Browse our collection of EMF-blocking clothes today and experience the peace of mind that comes with effective radiation shielding. Shop with us today and shield your life from unnecessary radiation. Your health deserves the best protection.

EMF Protectors – FAQs

Can Radia Smart EMF protection clothes be washed?

Our EMF protection clothes can be washed in cold water by hand or gentle machine wash. Use gentle (phosphate-free detergent) and air dry – do not bleach, dry-clean, or tumble dry. If washed according to these directions and kept free of mechanical and chemical stress, the fabric should retain its shielding effectiveness indefinitely.

Can Radia Smart EMF protectors be used outdoors?

While our EMF shield products are primarily designed for indoor use, they can be used outdoors. However, the effectiveness may vary depending on the outdoor environment and the proximity to wireless energy sources. For optimal protection, we recommend using our products indoors where the shielding fabric can efficiently reduce RF radiation exposure.

Can I wear Radia Smart EMF clothes through airport security?

To be extra cautious, consider placing your EMF clothes in a bag during scanning. Our products have silver material, which may trigger the security screen if you wear them. 

Airport procedures can vary, so this precautionary step can prevent any unexpected issues. However, we"ve had no reports of travel issues with our items.

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