Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Do you have websites, E-Commerce or a blog? Earn revenue by joining our free online affiliate program. Help us to promote Radia Smart products on your website. Our affiliate program will earn you generous commission on every sale referred from your site.

Radia Smart provides anti-radiation apparels for moms and babies. EMF blanket, hat, nursing cover, hood, poncho, apron and more. Electromagnetic radiation becomes a concern with the WHO classifying radiofrequency as possible carcinogenic to humans. Some countries in Europe have already banned WIFI in kindergartens, childcare centre and nursery. Furthermore, cell phones now use 5G and the technology is not proven to be safe to use.

Join us to raise awareness on electromagnetic radiation.
Start protecting yourself and clients from unnecessary radiation from wireless technology.
Radia Smart products block WIFI, 5G, Bluetooth, RF. 
All RF shielding products are tested up to 18GHz
  • Generous commission rate on each sale
  • Cookie tracking up to 30 days
  • Average order value $100 and increasing
  • Dedicated management team
  • Free and easy to join
  • Committed after sales support

We are looking forward to having you as our affiliates. 


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