Cell Tower EMF Cancer Brazil

The study has proved the worst health fear of people regarding EMF exposure from cell towers and antennas. It has been stated that people living within the range of 500 meters from a cell tower or antenna are at more risk of developing cancer.

When it is about the effect of EMF exposure and cancer development, people fear their health more than ever. It is because of the plethora of hidden antennas and cell towers around. Some antennas are out of sight and can be difficult to spot which makes it more challenging to determine whether we are outside of this hazardous range or not.

What does the Brazilian study say about Cell Tower EMF exposure and cancer risks?

According to the study report, pollution that is caused by EMF (Electromagnetic fields) of RFs generated by cell phone towers and antennas has become a greater environmental concern in the 20th century. The objective of the Brazilian research study was to prove the correlation between spatial relationship’s existence between neoplasia’s death cases and base station clusters in Belo Horizonte.

As mobile phone radio stations are commonly found in almost all the cities globally. It is not uncommon to find cell phone towers near or even on the top of hospitals, daycare centers, offices, hospitals, and homes.

In Brazil, the estimated number of mobile users has reached more than 200 million. Even more, the number has also reached above 5 billion users globally. In the Belo Horizonte municipality, there are about 1000 base stations. Even though the radiation emission of some base stations here is of low intensity as compared to the human exposure limits guidelines. However, the EMF exposure is continuous, and this raises concerns to the health and well-being of people exposed to it.

Also, the analysis in the study report showed that the rate of newly developed cases of cancer was higher significantly among those patients who used to live within the range of 400 meters from base stations as compared to the people who used to live beyond 400 meters in the same period. The former patients became sick about 8 years earlier, averagely than the latter ones.



Cell Tower EMF Cancer Brazil

The base stations were implemented here in the year 1993. However, from 1999 – 2004, after about 5 years of transmitting installations’ operation, the risk of suffering from cancer increased by 3x for people who were living within 400 meters range of the base stations than people living beyond that range of distance.

Overall, this detailed research study has represented a milestone in this field. It is because the study has clearly stated that radiations from the base stations can contribute to the increased risk of cancer development along with other health problems. Even if the radiation emission level is lower than the limits of current guidelines in this regard.


Cell Tower EMF Cancer Brazil

This research study was conducted in collaboration with several colleges along with Municipal Health Department in Brazil. Therefore, the study was conducted in a broader environmental context aimed to identify if there is any correlation between the rising cases of deaths due to cancer and cellular base stations located near residential areas during the time from 1996 to 2006.

Conclusion of Brazilian research study regarding cell tower EMF exposure and Cancer

In short, the research study concluded that radiofrequency EMF from an RBS can increase the rate of mortality caused by all types of cancers, more importantly by lung, cervix, esophageal, and breast cancers. The study mentions other risk factors that contribute to the numbers e.g., lifestyle, access to medical support, other toxin such as benzene, silica, etc. However, the conclusion of study is clear the higher the radiofrequency exposure (from cell towers) the higher the cancer mortality rate.

In addition, the spatial analysis also showed that the highest exposure of RBS radiofrequency was observed in the city that was situated in the southern region of the country. In that region, the rate of mortality was also the highest for all types of cancers more particularly, for breast cancer and lungs cancer.

This research study also showed that the complaints regarding certain health issues such as headaches, insomnia, discomfort, and problems in concentration were higher at locations with higher power density, within the range of 150 meters.


Cell Tower EMF Cancer Brazil

Why cell tower EMF exposure is dangerous for health more particularly?

The health threat comes from the cell tower’s constant nature of the activity. Cell towers are used to emit radiations of pulsed radiofrequency. And it has been proved in numerous research studies that these radiations can cause biological damage to your body as well as be the forerunner to a disease.

Cell tower EMF exposure can also lead to various health problems besides cancer. Do you want to know which are some of the common damages that can be caused by cell tower EMF exposure other than cancer? Let’s have a look at the details below to get a better idea about the things in this regard.

So, here we go:

  1. Heart complications
  2. Genetic mutation
  3. Brain disorders
  4. Insomnia
  5. Dementia
  6. Infertility
  7. Memory disruptions
  8. Hormonal imbalances
  9. Hindered learnings
  10. ADD

These are the common damages that can be caused by cell tower EMF exposure. These dangers make it imperative to take action in this regard.

Arguably, cell towers and antennas are here to stay. However, it is highly important to bring some rules and regulations for the implementation of these towers especially in terms of radiation levels and location where there should be places. Governments should restrict the implementation of cell towers away from the public areas, and far away from schools, daycare centers, and residential areas. Implementation and management of these rules and regulations regarding the installation of antennas and cell towers are highly critical at this point in time to reduce EMF exposure as much as possible more effectively.

Things We Can do to Protect our Family from Radiofrequency Radiation

    1.Distance is our best friend. The further we can get from the sources the lower the radiofrequency radiation is.

    2.Know the sources. For sources outside the house pay attention on the nearest cell towers, use the available map for tower locations. Inside the house look at other EMF sources – smart meter, WIFI router, fridge, microwave oven. More info

    3.Get an EMF meter to measure what is the level inside your home, bedroom. Get a meter that can measure RF in mW/m2.

    4.Call an EMF specialist or a building biologist to assist you further.

    Take care