After going through my checklist there was only 1 item remaining and that was the electrical wiring with its Electromagnetic Fields. The confine of the small house and having an electrical meter right next to our main bedroom really gave me enough reasons to do more. I bought an EMF meter and started measuring Electric Fields and Electromagnetic Fields in the house. Here is a few snapshots:

Here is right in the middle of our living room - both EF and EMF are 0 which is great.

EMF in our house near baby high chair

This is the wall right next to the baby highchair. EF is about 25 V/m and EMF is about 0.08 microT. Understandably there is a fridge right behind that wall. Our baby got to find another spot to sit.


Here is in the bathroom next to our heating light switch. EF was 522 V/m and zero EMF.


Here is next to the electrical meter which is next to our main bedroom. EF was over 1200 V/m and EMF was about 4.95 microT.


1 microtesla is equal to 10 milligauss (mG). That means my last reading was giving me about 49.5 milligauss (mG). There is a vast diversity in relation to what is the safe EMF level globally, which would be another topic. In Australia the safe max exposure limit is 2000 mG and in Italy is 2 mG and the researchers seem to change their opinions every year. The dominant viewpoint is there is no consistent evidence to date that EMF could adversely affect the health of the general population. However, it is sensible to take precautionary approach in relation to EMFs.

Speaking for myself, I know where the hotspots are in my house and I definitely stay away from them e.g by moving my couch, beds, etc. If the researchers or experts feel so confident with their hypothesis they are most welcome to sleep next to their electrical meters.