1. Keep a Schedule 

When everyone is at home everyday we can easily forget what day is it. We find that it is best to have a basic schedule throughout the week. It especially helps my eldest son who is 8 yrs old. He likes structures, plans, it gives him something to look forward too, for example Tuesday/ Thursday morning music, Saturday Monopoly night. It helps me to keep track the week too. Less guessing game of what day is it??

2. Being Active

Gyms are closed, no more school run or pick up with the added lockdown requirements don't help being active. We do afternoon walk with the kids or PE with Joe (Youtube) when it is raining outside. We find that this gives us the extra energy for the rest of the day.      


3. Choose One Day a Week Without TV/ IPAD

Everything is done online; school, grocery shopping, social life...We thought it may be best to go offline..we do baking, cooking, painting, gardening or just play games with the kids...


4. Put a Digital Timer to the WIFI

We put our WIFI router in the corner of the garage with a digital timer to switch off at certain time every night and it switches back on in the morning. We put the WIFI router away from any room to reduce Radio Frequency (RF) radiation and to make it a little harder for us to make any changes on the timer. Sometimes, we get carried away with work or aimlessly scrolling through social media at the late hours. Turning off our WIFI router every night also make sure that we reduce our exposure to the WIFI. 

Hope these ideas help!

Stay safe, stay positive and healthy.

Take care..