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IPhone RF Exposure Revealed

IPhone RF Exposure Revealed

If you haven't done so, please do check your phone's RF exposure level.

On IPhone go to - Settings - General - About - Legal - RF Exposure (as shown) below;

The page gives basic info on the regulation around RF (Radio Frequency) exposure and general advice on how to reduce exposure to the RF energy. It recommends the use of a hands-free option either speakerphone, earphones or other similar accessories. Basically it suggests that keep your distance from your phone. 

What's concerning is the fact that the manufacturer says   "Cases with metal parts may change the RF performance of the device, including its compliance with RF exposure guidelines ". In other words, the manufacturer saying that "hey, we test every phone but we can't guarantee that the RF energy is always within the limit". How convenient!!

The SAR (Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is the measurement rate at which Radio Frequency (RF) is absorbed by the human body. The limit is 1.6 Watts per Kilogram and this was set by the Federal Communication Commission about 25 years ago. Not many people are aware this limit has not changed for the past 25 years....long before the adoption of smartphones.

Once you are on this RF Exposure page on our IPhone you can also click on the link to check the RF energy from each IPhone model. See the RF level from the latest IPhone 11 below for example:



On the surface all IPhones appears to meet the SAR limit of 1.6W/Kg. However, lots of other experts believe that other parts of the body are more prone to the RF radiation and much more precaution is required.


Simple tips to reduce the RF exposure:

1. Keep your distance - use speakerphone, don't carry in your pocket

2. Use SMS / texting rather than making phone calls

3. Use Airplane mode when not using the phone

4. Don't put the phone near your study bench/table , bed, couch.

    Have a specific place to store your phone away from you (but still able to hear inbound rings)


Protect your loved ones from RF Exposure!

Raise the awareness!


Much love!!

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