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Our variety of RF-shielding hats reduce EMF exposure from 5G frequencies and background radiation. Combining style, form, and functionality, purchase a Radia Smart EMF protection hat or hood to protect you and your loved ones today.

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Cotton Hood Hat | EMF Protection, RF Blocking

$79.00 On Sale
EMF HOOD HAT (GREY/BLACK, COTTON) | BRAIN COAT, WIRELESS RADIATION PROTECTION, RF BLOCKING, WIFI, BLUETOOTH, CELL PHONE, 5G ANTI-RADIATION The premium quality cotton lined with the reliable protection of silver radiation shielding fabric make this...
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Cotton Hood Hat | EMF Protection, RF Blocking

$79.00 On Sale
EMF HOOD HAT (BLACK, COTTON) | BRAIN COAT, WIRELESS RADIATION PROTECTION, RF BLOCKING, WIFI, BLUETOOTH, CELL PHONE, 5G ANTI-RADIATION Introducing the Radia Smart Hood/Hat - a premium blend of cotton lined with reliable silver radiation shielding fabric,...
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EMF Meter - Cornet ED88T Plus 5G

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EMF Meter - Cornet ED88T Plus 5G (In stock for AUS customers only, Radia Smart is an authorised distributor for AU)     The ED88T Plus 5G is a 3rd and latest generation of ED88TPlus with a frequency range from 100 MHz to 8 GHz. In...
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    Learn More About Our EMF Hats & Hoods

    What Are Our EMF Hats Made Of?

    We make our 5G protection hats and hoods out of a comfortable, high-quality outer layer (usually 80% cotton and 20% polyester) with an inner layer consisting of highly conductive radiation-shielding fabric that protects against everyday radiation.

    What Do EMF Hats Protect Against?

    As tested by an accredited lab, Radia Smart’s EMF hat offers up to 99.9% shielding effectiveness against electromagnetic frequencies at around 50dB. Our RF shielding hats and hoods are well-designed to protect your head and neck from several EMF sources, such as:

    • Fifth Generation Wireless (5G)
    • Cellular Radiation
    • Wireless Frequency Radiation (Wi-Fi)
    • Bluetooth Radiation

    Note that our EMF protection hats and hoods cannot shield you from high-frequency radiation such as X-rays and specific UV (Ultraviolet) rays.
    Learn more about how our EMF-shielding clothing works here.

    What Are The Benefits Of An EMF Hat?

    There have been growing health concerns with the expansion of 5G technologies and the near-constant presence of wireless signals in our daily lives. Wearing EMF-shielding clothing is one of the ways you can protect yourself from constant radiation exposure, acting as a physical barrier between the signals and your body.

    Who Should Wear An EMF Hat?

    If you constantly need to be near wireless devices or Wi-Fi, having an EMF Hat or Hood can significantly reduce the amount of EMF radiation absorbed by your head and neck.

    Those with thyroid conditions should also look into wearing an EMF hat, as EMF radiation may aggravate certain thyroid conditions.

    Infants and children, in particular, can be more susceptible to EMF radiation due to their developing brains, so getting an RF shielding hat for your children is also advisable.

    How Else Can I Protect Myself from EMF Radiation?

    Apart from EMF shielding, the best way to protect yourself from EMF radiation is to keep your distance and spend as little time around wireless devices and signals as possible. Turn off your wireless devices and Wi-Fi router at night, and set your cell phone to aeroplane mode when not in use.

    At Radia Smart, we believe in raising awareness surrounding EMF radiation and helping our customers take the right preventative steps and measures. We are always happy to answer any queries you may have and help you protect yourself and your loved ones.