NEW EMF Protection Bed Canopy Circle | RF Shielding, 5G Anti-Radiation

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Too much EMF exposure can decrease melatonin production, which is associated with poor sleep quality, increased aging, and lowered immune function.

Block unwanted EMF frequencies and create the ultimate sleep sanctuary with our EMF radiation-blocking Bed Canopy. It's made of 82% organic cotton and 18% silver fiber to block radiation from cell phones, WIFI, Bluetooth, 5G, and laptops.


  • REDUCES THE LEVEL OF EMF OR WIRELESS ENERGY WHILE YOU SLEEPThis ensures that you get a good night's sleep and gives your body optimum recovery.
  • BLOCKS RADIOFREQUENCY FROM DEVICES. The canopy shields you from RF emitted by phones, WIFI, laptops, Bluetooth, and tablets with 99% effectiveness.

  • PROTECTS YOU AND YOUR BABY. The canopy protects you and your baby from RF & 5g radiation while you sleep (7-8 hours/night) , especially children when they are at the highest risk to radiation exposure from wireless technologies.

  • CUSTOM MADE BED CANOPY. It's made of 82% organic cotton & 18% silver fiber. 

  • PERFECT TENT TO COVER YOUR BED. The canopy has a generous size that can cover up a King sized bed frame.
  • TESTED BY AN ACCREDITED FCC LAB. Radia Smart radiation shielding fabric has been tested by an FCC accredited third party lab to verify its high effectiveness.

The Radia Smart Bed Canopy Circle Shields: 

5g-icon.png Fifth Generation Wireless ( RF Radiation)  

celluar-icon.png Cellular Radiation (RF Radiation)  

wifi-2.png WiFi Radiation (RF Radiation)

bluetooth.png Bluetooth Radiation (RF Radiation) 

Best for the whole family: travel, sleeping, pregnancy protection, baby/child protection, working 

Efficiency: 99.9% Shielding Effectiveness (~50dB).

Dimensions: ( This canopy will cover around standard Queen size and king size frame comfortably)

Top Diameter x Height x Bottom Parameter

60 x 250 x 1200cm or (23.6 x 98.4 x 472.4 inches)

Standard Mattress Size for consideration:

Width x Length 

Baby Cot 69x130cm (27x 51 inches)

Single 92x188cm (36x 74 inches)

Long Single 92x203cm (36x 80 inches)

Double Bed 138x188cm (54x 74 inches)

Queen Bed 153x203cm (60x 80 inches)

King Bed  183cm x203 cm (76"x80")

Material: 82% organic cotton and 18% silver fiber ( sliver fiber is wrapped inside organic cotton layer, what you touch is organic cotton)

Washing Instruction: wash in cold water, use gentle (phosphate-free detergent), don't bleach, don't dry-clean, don't tumble dry, cool iron. If washed according to these directions and kept free of mechanical and chemical stress, the fabric should retains its shielding effectiveness indefinitely.

Check out  How Shielding Works to view shielding effectiveness video.