Hat Cap (Unisex) | 5G Anti-Radiation, RF Blocking

Radia Smart
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This premium cap is thoughtfully designed to offer protection from electromagnetic radiation for both women and men. Embrace this stylish and functional solution to safeguard yourself from potential electromagnetic radiation exposure. Prioritize your well-being and stay protected with the RF Shielding Cap, the perfect choice for those seeking a blend of comfort and electromagnetic radiation protection.


1. EMF HAT SHIELD FOR WOMEN AND MEN. A cutting-edge solution that effectively blocks radiation from cell phones, WIFI, Bluetooth, 5G, and laptops, ensuring a minimum reduction of up to 90%. This hat has been rigorously tested by an accredited lab to guarantee its performance.

2. COVER AND PROTECT YOUR HEAD. Radia Smart cap is well designed to protect your head from radio frequency (microwave/wireless) radiation from WIFI routers, cell towers, mobile and cordless phones. Reduce your concerns on wireless radiation from cell phones, WIFI, laptops, Bluetooth, 5G. 

3. HIGH EFFICIENCY. Efficiency: 99.9% Shielding Effectiveness (~50dB) up to 18 GHz. Tested by accredited lab.

4. ONE SIZE. This unisex hat features an adjustable strap and is designed to fit small to medium size heads ( 20 to 22 inch circumference). Not suitable for size L or greater

The Radia Smart Cap Shields:  

5g-icon.png Fifth Generation Wireless ( RF Radiation) 

celluar-icon.png Cellular Radiation (RF Radiation)  

wifi-2.png WiFi Radiation (RF Radiation) 

bluetooth.png Bluetooth Radiation (RF Radiation) 

Best for: travel, sleeping, pregnancy protection, working

Material Outer layer: 100% cotton ; Inner layer: radiation shielding fabric

Washing Instruction: wash in cold water, use gentle (phosphate-free detergent), don't bleach, don't dry-clean, don't tumble dry. If washed according to these directions and kept free of mechanical and chemical stress, the fabric should retains its shielding effectiveness indefinitely. 

Note: This product does not shield high frequency radiation like X-Ray. 

Check out  How Shielding Works  and view shielding effectiveness videos. 

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