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Easy Ways To Reduce EMF Exposure In Your Life


In an era of unprecedented technological advancement, we often forget the subtle dangers of the technologies present in our daily lives. One of these dangers is our near constant exposure to electromagnetic fields or EMFs.

No matter the scope of work, we all find ourselves exposed to EMFs and the radiation waves they emit, either from our surroundings (radio towers, power lines) or from everyday appliances (microwaves, wireless routers, smart devices).

As more workers start to opt for a hybrid work week, our exposure to EMF-emitting technologies will only increase, leading to possibly worrying side effects. As such, we must take steps to start reducing the amount of EMF exposure that we receive.

So, from putting your phone in Airplane Mode to wearing an anti-EMF poncho, here are a few ways you can start to reduce your EMF exposure.

Why Should You Reduce EMF Exposure?

The EMFs in most household devices are low to mid-frequency. This means that household devices only emit non-ionising radiation, which is usually considered safe, unlike ionising radiation (such as those found in MRI or X-Ray machines), which can damage your cells and DNA.

However, it is not the intensity of the EMF that is the issue, but more the sheer amount of time we spend being exposed to EMFs that has sparked debate on whether long-term exposure to even non-ionising radiation can be dangerous.

While exposure to EMF has not been scientifically proven to be harmful to humans, it has yet to be disproven either.

Until science can determine if long-term EMF exposure from wireless devices is harmless, there’s nothing wrong with preventing overexposure to EMFs.

Ways To Reduce EMF Exposure

As a quick summary, your exposure to EMFs is determined by two factors, namely time and distance – the less time you spend and the farther you are from EMFs, the less likely you’ll experience any potential side effects.

1. Spend Less Time Around EMF Sources

Keep your usage of EMF-emitting devices to a minimum. The less time you spend around EMF sources, the lower the amount of non-ionising radiation you will receive from them.

One of the ways you can do this is by limiting the amount of screen time you spend on your devices, which will not only reduce your exposure to device-generated EMFs but may also improve your overall mental health.

It would be best if you also tried to reduce the number of wireless peripherals you have around you. Items such as wireless keyboards, wireless mice, or wireless earphones/headphones also generate EMFs, so go with wired options whenever possible.

2. Distance Yourself From EMF Sources

We all love a strong Wi-Fi signal, but try and keep some distance from yourself and a wireless router whenever possible. If your device can support it, use an ethernet cable to connect directly to the internet instead of wireless.

As for the devices you have on you, try not to have your mobile phone, tablet or laptop too close to your body at any given time, as they can still produce an EMF even if they’re not currently in use.

In particular, for mobile phones, try not to bring your phone up to your ears while you’re on call. Instead, use the speakerphone option or wired earphones.

3. Shut Off Wireless Devices At Night

Any time you spend sleeping is when you should have the EMF-emitting technologies in your home turned off. While keeping these devices on may be more convenient, it only takes a few extra minutes to turn them off and prevent hours of unnecessary EMF exposure.

Have the Wi-Fi router off for the night if no one’s using it, and turn on Airplane Mode for your phone or tablet to prevent them from transmitting a wireless or cellular signal while you sleep. You should also remove any unnecessary wireless devices from your bedroom.

4. Use EMF Shielding Items Or Apparel

If you must be around your phone or laptop due to work, try purchasing radiation shielding items, such as an anti-EMF blanket or an RF shielding hat. Adequate anti-EMF clothing can significantly reduce your exposure to radiation emitted from cell phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 5G frequencies.

Here at Radia Smart, we believe that reducing your exposure to EMFs and other types of radiation can only benefit your overall health and wellbeing. So whether you’re an office worker or a pregnant mother, our line of radiation shielding apparel can help limit the amount of EMF you receive daily. Contact us today for more information.

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