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Do EMF, Cell Phones & WIFI Cause Infertility?


Technology plays a prominent role in everyone’s lives, with mobile phones and Wi-Fi becoming a core part of modern society and our use of these technologies increasing daily. Nowadays, you can’t find a single house where Wi-Fi isn’t available; have a look at your phone, and you can see at least 5 to 6 different networks apart from the one you’re using!

Living without cell phones or the internet would be unimaginable at most and unproductive for many due to how we work, connect, and learn using technology. However, people tend to forget or are unaware that cell phones and wireless technology can carry health risks due to wireless/electromagnetic radiation (EMF).

This article will discuss if the cell phones and Wi-Fi we use can cause infertility and what steps can be taken to reduce the impact of EMF on couples trying to conceive.

Note: There are plenty of reasons why male infertility can happen, and it’s essential to consult with a healthcare specialist about why you or a loved one may be suffering from this condition.

What Is EMF?

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation is everywhere. The Earth itself has an electromagnetic field that prevents too much cosmic radiation from reaching the atmosphere, and many living creatures use EMF to navigate their way during migratory periods. The human body also generates EMF, which you can measure using MEG and EEG machines.

The natural or background EMF around us is 0.000 0001 µW/m2. However, artificial EMF, which comes from electricity and other technology, has increased by 10 trillion times in the past 50 years. In other words, our exposure to artificial EMF is near-constant, which may pose a health risk and negatively affect our wellbeing.

Click the link to find out more about Radiation and EMF.

Can Cell Phones & Wi-Fi Cause Male Infertility?

According to research conducted in 2007 by Homan GF, Davies M, and Norman R, there is strong evidence that age, weight, psychological stress, alcohol, and exposure to environmental pollutants can adversely impact fertility.

Focusing on EMF and its effects on male fertility, one of the earliest studies done was by the Aristotle University in Greece (1997), where 12 mice “couples” were placed in locations close to radiofrequency (RF) transmitters. As the study continued, the mice became increasingly infertile and were irreversibly sterile by the end.

Another study done in 2007 proposed that using RF devices that emit EMF (such as mobile phones, laptops, and Wi-Fi) harmed the motility, count, and capability of the male sperm. A 2016 study by researchers at Australia’s University of Newcastle saw a correlation between 3G mobile signals and adverse effects on the human sperm.

Based on the research above and other studies, we have evidence suggesting cell phones, Wi-Fi, and other wireless devices cause infertility in males.

Note – cell phones, Wi-Fi, and other wireless communication technology emit non-ionising radiation. You can learn more about non-ionising EMF here.

How Can Cell Phones and Wi-Fi Cause Infertility In Males?

There are numerous ways in which cell phones and Wi-Fi can cause infertility in males. Some of the more crucial ones are listed below.

1. Reduced sperm count

In the 2007 paper published in Fertility and Sterility, the researchers divided 361 men into four groups. Each group had increasing levels of cell phone exposure (control, less than 2 hours, more than 2 hours but less than 4 hours, and over 4 hours).

The researchers found that the longer the exposure to cell phone EMF, the more adverse the effects on the participant’s sperm count, with the final group (highest EMF exposure) being the most affected.

2. Impacted motility

Motility is the speed at which sperm can travel. According to a study done in 2005 by Kilgallon SJ, and Simmons LW, people who carried their cell phones with them in their trousers had decreased sperm motility. The same study also indicated that men who used cell phones for extended periods hurt the morphology of their sperm as well.

3. Reduced viability

Sperm viability refers to the percentage of live sperm in the semen sample. Based on research done in 2006 by Erogul O, Oztas E, Yildirim I, and in 2012 by La Vignera S and Condorelli RA, EMF rays can cause a drastic change in the testes of men, indicating a reduction in sperm viability and reducing fertility in men.

4. Lower testosterone levels

Both Wi-Fi and cell phones are linked to low testosterone levels in men. Based on a study done in Riyadh, male rats exposed to EMF rays for 30 minutes daily had much lower testosterone than their counterparts.

5. Altered sperm DNA

According to a study published in 2014, prolonged direct mobile phone exposure may cause sperm DNA fragmentation. The study advises that men looking to conceive should avoid holding a mobile phone in their pockets for long periods.

6. Overproduction of ROS

In a 2014 study, EMF radiations from cell phones overproduced reactive oxygen species, which causes DNA fragmentation. These findings have clear implications for the safety of extensive cell phone use by males, potentially affecting their fertility and the health and wellbeing of their children.

How To Improve Male Fertility By Reducing EMF Exposure

Now that you know about the harmful effects of EMF on male fertility, let’s look at some practical ways to reduce exposure to EMFs.

I) Avoid putting your phone in your pocket

To improve male fertility, do not put your cell phone in your pocket; if you do, switch the phone to airplane mode. Keeping distance from EMF sources is a viable way of reducing EMF exposure, so keep your phone next to you on a bench or desk if you’re stationary and have it in your bag while travelling. Doubling the distance between you and your mobile devices can often decrease EMF radiation by up to 70%.

II) Use wired technology

We can drastically reduce the amount of wireless radiation in our homes by using a wired connection. To do this, hook an ethernet cable from your laptop or PC to your internet router, and you can also do the same with smartphones and tablets using specialised adapters.

III) Create Wi-Fi-Free zones

One of the more effective ways by which you can improve male fertility is by removing Wi-Fi signals in the bedroom and living spaces. It’s nearly impossible to isolate all sources of EMF perfectly, so letting the body recover during the night is essential.

You can do this by switching off your Wi-Fi router before bed and having your mobile devices on airplane mode. It would help if you also stored EMF-emitting devices outside your bedroom, away from when you sleep.

If you can’t turn off your router, you can use an anti-radiation blanket made of EMF radiation protection fabric while sleeping.

IV) Only use wireless technology when required

Be smart with your device usage and only use your wireless devices when necessary. Avoid using your phone for a call and opt for messaging apps or text, which uses much less transmission power and reduces EMF exposure.

V) Don’t place devices directly on your lap

Avoid placing wireless devices such as laptops or tablets on your lap to improve male fertility. It may be convenient to work on the couch by having our devices in our lap, but putting an EMF source very close to our reproductive organs can reduce fertility, as discussed above.

VI) Use shielding

While removing EMF sources from our lives is the best way to reduce EMF exposure, we often need to use wireless devices for work or to stay in touch. Using EMF-shielding clothing, such as an EMF baseball cap or EMF poncho, can help to reduce your EMF exposure while using your devices.

Reduce Your EMF Exposure Even After Conception

If you have male infertility, consistently reducing your EMF exposure and distancing yourself from EMF sources may improve your ability to conceive. Once you conceive, however, it’s essential to continue your EMF-reducing practices for the health and wellbeing of your family and the developing baby.

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