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8 Tips To Reduce EMF Exposure During Travel


As we all know, the world is becoming increasingly digital and connected, and that includes modern travel. From smartphones and laptops to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the amount of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation we are exposed to on a daily basis has never been higher.

While there is an ongoing debate about the potential health risks of EMF radiation, there have been studies suggesting that long-term exposure to EMF from today’s technology may be associated with increased susceptibility to headaches and fatigue, anxiety, nausea, and insomnia.

The effects of EMF exposure are even more concerning for pregnant women. Concerning research recently released indicates that this type of exposure may increase the risk of miscarriage.

Not only can EMF radiation affect us when we are walking the Earth, but when flying high in the sky, we are at increased risk for exposure mainly due to EMF emitted from all the electronics on board like the cockpit and communications equipment, jet engines, electrical wiring and sensors, static electricity in the fuselage, WiFi, and other passengers’ devices. So here are some tips to help you minimize your exposure to EMF radiation while traveling.


Tips to Reduce EMF Exposure During Travel

1. Keep your phone on airplane mode as much as possible

Your cell phone acts as a mini radio tower that you carry around and use on a daily basis. When your device is connected to a cellular network such as Bluetooth or WIFI, it sends out radiofrequency or wireless signals, exposing you to EMF radiation. So when you put your phone on "Airplane mode", your phone's tiny antennas are disabled.

This will turn off the cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity of your device, significantly reducing your exposure to EMF radiation. We recommend that you use your phone only for texting or when making very important calls.

2. Use a wired headset or speakerphone when making calls

Cell phones emit their highest radiation levels during phone calls, and that level goes up even more when the signal is weak or moving. Instead of holding your phone to your head during calls, use your speakerphone or a wired headset instead.

3. Avoid carrying your phone close to your body

It is best to keep your phone in a bag or purse instead of carrying it in your pocket or bra. You also need to limit your cell phone use in rural areas or in any place where reception is poor. More radiation is emitted when you are farther from a cell phone tower.

We recommend using a Faraday phone pouch which would block out signals, hence, shielding you effectively from EMF radiation emitted by your device.

4. Use a laptop or tablet with a built-in Ethernet port instead of using Wi-Fi

Ethernet cables provide a wired connection to the internet. This means that data transfer takes place through a cable rather than through air, this in turn reduces the amount of EMF emitted by your device and reduces your EMF exposure.

5. Choose accommodations that have low EMF levels

Look for accommodations that are located farther away from powerlines and other sources of EMF radiation like cellular towers, electrical plants, and power substations.

You can also opt to stay at accommodations that have been specifically designed to reduce EMF exposure. Some hotels and resorts have already implemented EMF reduction measures such as shielding rooms from EMF and installing low-EMF lighting.

Another tip is to bring an EMF meter with you while you travel. This allows you to measure EMF levels of any area in real-time.

6. Use EMF shielding clothing or apparel

Consider using a shield like EMF-blocking apparel that is designed to reduce the amount of EMF radiation you are exposed to. Examples of EMF-shielding clothing are EMF-blocking hats, ponchos, scarves, beanies, blankets, and even phone pouches.

Check out Radia Smart’s EMF shielding products here.

7. Unplug electronics when not in use

Many devices, such as televisions, computers, and appliances, emit EMF radiation even when they are turned off. By unplugging these devices, you can help reduce your exposure to EMF radiation.

8. Take extra precautions when traveling during pregnancy

When it comes to pregnant women, the negative side effects of EMF radiation are even more concerning. This is because developing embryos have the potential to absorb higher levels of radiation compared to adults, which can result in unwanted issues like slowed embryo growth, interrupted mental development, or even prenatal death.

So when traveling, we recommend pregnant moms to wear an EMF shielding belly band. An anti-radiation belly band is made of a shielding fabric that covers the belly area of an expecting mother in order to offer protection against electromagnetic and wireless emissions.


Travel-Friendly EMF Apparel Top Picks

Radia Smart’s EMF protection clothing line is made with premium quality materials, lined with a protective layer of silver fiber. Silver is a natural conductor which helps reduce the amount of radiation that is absorbed by your body by blocking out EMF radiation.

While traveling, wearing such clothes may help to reduce your exposure to every day EMF from sources such as cell towers, airplane electronics, Wi-Fi, and other wireless devices. Plus, Radia Smart’s EMF shielding apparel is not only comfy but also travel-friendly and so convenient to use. They are also fully tested by an FCC- accredited lab, ensuring that you get the best EMF protection possible!

With that said, here are our top travel-friendly clothing picks from Radia Smart:

1. EMF Protection Poncho

The poncho is usually worn over your regular clothing, and it can be used to protect your entire upper body. It can also be used as a belly blanket or a throw blanket.

2. EMF Protection Slouch Beanie

Combining style, form, and functionality, our Radia Smart Slouch Beanie is a fashionable and convenient way of protecting your head and ears from everyday EMF radiation especially while traveling!

It is well-designed to fit most women and men and is made from light, elastic material. Plus, our beanie blocks radiation from cell phones, WIFI, Bluetooth, 5G, and laptops with 99.9% effectiveness.

3. EMF Protection Hat Cap

The soft and comfortable Radia Smart EMF Protection Hat Cap can block up to 99% of wireless EMF, RF, Bluetooth and 5G from reaching your head. This unisex hat features an adjustable strap and is designed to fit small to medium size heads ( 20 to 22 inch circumference).

4. EMF Protection Adult Hooded Poncho

The hooded poncho ensures that your body stays covered and protected. It also features a convenient elastic band at the back so you can store it away quickly, or put it in your travel bag neatly without it taking much space.

5. EMF Protection Scarf

Our Radia Smart EMF Protection Scarf is super comfortable and soft, and it's also designed for both men and women. Plus, It can be worn in multiple ways—you can use it as a head scarf, or as a shoulder and body cover/wrap/poncho!

6. EMF Shielding Belly Band

The Radia Smart anti-radiation belly band can be used anytime or anywhere whether at work, at home, or while traveling. It allows expectant mothers to continue with their daily lives and obligations without worrying about how EMF radiation could be negatively impacting the health of their child.

7. Faraday Bag Phone Pouch

The Radia Smart Faraday Bag effectively shields against RFID, WIFI, Bluetooth, Cellular, GPS, Radio - every signal type! Moreover, this faraday pouch also has a metal travel hook at the back for multi-purpose use. You can use it for your keys and other belongings for easy access during travel.

You may have several questions in mind regarding the products, especially when traveling or if when you are traveling by plane, so we listed them down for you:

Question # 1: Can I wear EMF shielding clothing when going through airport security?

Answer: It is best to put the products in your carry bag when going through airport security. This is because the items have silver material which could trigger the security screen if you wear them.

Question #2: Do Radia Smart products lose their ability to shield over time?

Answer: No, the products will not lose their effectiveness over time even after you wash it multiple times as long as you follow the proper washing instructions.

In conclusion, while the debate over the potential health risks of EMF radiation continues, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. It’s best to adopt a balanced approach toward EMF radiation protection by using EMF shielding clothing.

By following the tips above, you are proactively minimizing your exposure to everyday EMF radiation while traveling, and ensuring that your trip is as healthy and enjoyable as possible!


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